Special Announcement

We have gotten a lot of questions lately about the status of the building where we hold our classes and activities. As you know by now, the forthcoming road project will affect the property where The Meditation Center is located. Right now, it looks like we will be vacating the building by the end of the year. Wait! Don’t fret! This doesn’t mean the end of The Meditation Center. It’s just a doorway that is opening up to show us where our path will lead next.

As we walk through this door, we have an opportunity to find a new space that will better meet our needs. When will this happen? We still don’t know, but we’ll keep you posted. More importantly, this is an opportunity for you. What does that mean? Well, there are a number of answers:

  1. It’s an opportunity for you to help us find an ideal location (temporary or permanent). We appreciate your eyes and ears to help explore possibilities that we might not find on our own.
  2. It’s an opportunity for you to put into practice all of the things you have learned on your journey with us over the last seven years. Yes, it is change. Yes, it is uncertain. Yes, it is good, no matter where the journey leads!
  3. We can’t do this without you. Unless we find donated space for us to meet, a new location will likely mean higher expenses, which depends on your donations. Without your financial support, there is no Center.

Finally, this is a perfect time to express your ideas! What do you want The Meditation Center to be? The possibilities are endless if we work together as a community to make it happen!

Meanwhile, nothing is changing yet. We’re still here, and classes continue as normal until you hear otherwise. The items in our bookstore are on final clearance, so you still have an opportunity to get that special item you’ve had your eye on. All is well on East Main Street! Thanks for being part of our spiritual family!

Many blessings,
Randy and Mark

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