Mindfulness vs. Meditation

There is often confusion between the concepts of meditation and mindfulness. They are so similar that sometimes it can be challenging to see why they are not the same thing. While there can be elements of both in either practice, they are distinctly different. Meditation is time of inward contemplation in the present moment, which reduces stress and increases personal awareness in relation to one’s surroundings. Mindfulness is time spent paying attention to one’s surroundings and feelings in the present moment, and using that awareness to modify inner perceptions and behavior, which also reduces stress. They are almost like mirror images of each other, interacting harmoniously when used together. This interesting article from The Washington Post illustrates how profound the difference can be. While the author suggests a number of useful mindfulness techniques, there is no element of meditation at all.

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Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 7:00 pm
Seating limit: 15

To help kick off the new year, we are welcoming Marie Dunkle from Wayfarers Chapel in Dillard, Georgia, who will be returning with her popular singing bowls. Enjoy the vibration of pure crystal, and allow the healing energies to do their work in whatever way serves our highest good!

Attendance Policy

Summary: Arrive at least 10 minutes early (no late arrivals), stay for the entire class, seating is limited, and honor our COVID policy. Read full policy here.

What to expect: This is a silent meditation session. Participants should plan to arrive and be seated no later than 10 minutes before start time, and should be able and prepared to sit quietly in low light for up to 30 minutes.

What to bring: Shoes are not permitted in carpeted areas where classes are conducted. Please bring clean socks to wear during the class. You are also welcome to bring a sweater or light blanket. If you prefer to sit on the floor, you may want to bring a small cushion to sit on.

Out of respect for our guests with allergies, please avoid the use of essential oils and fragrances.