Final clearance: 40% off

Time is running out! As we wind down our time in our current facility, all in our bookstore are now 40% off original prices, including new books, crystals, jewelry, CDs, drums, flutes and more! It’s a perfect time to enhance your sacred space, or to plan ahead for gift-giving. This sale price does not include donated books or artwork (see below).

Used Books: All donated books, as well as a selection of card decks and audio books – as many as you want, for $1.00 each or less (look for the color tags)! A great way to expand your spiritual library. During the sale, all new books are 40% off the marked prices (white tags).

Artwork: We also have a variety of paintings by talented artists. Don’t pay attention to the price tags – make a reasonable offer and it’s yours!

All purchases subject to 7% North Carolina sales tax.

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