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Numerology is a fascinating way to explore your life purpose based on the birth date and name you chose (yes, you picked them!)
Sometimes we hold negative feelings about our bodies that we inherited from parents, friends or social media.
This article about the benefits of meditation, as well as the image included on this page, were created using artificial intelligence (AI).
The difference between meditation and mindfulness can be confusing. This article shares mindfulness techniques that do not include meditation.
This article gives nice, simple guidance in a way that's easy to understand. And we are kind of partial to the artwork, too!
As you know, it is one of our foundational beliefs that though our physical body eventually dies, our true self - the spirit, the soul - never dies. Looks like we are in good company!
Mantras are phrases you repeat to maintain focus during meditation. This article shares some great mantras to help you find (and keep) your peace!
This article provides a wonderful perspective on the feminine aspects of a God we have historically referred to as the "father."
So often, we find ourselves emotionally attached to our situations and to things in our life. We don't have to, and we can find our peace when we learn to let go.
Meditation is simpler than it sounds. Follow these directions from a skeptic who tried and liked it.
This article gives us a lot to contemplate on what is important in our life, inspired by those preparing to make their transition.
Here is an article featuring The Meditation Center in the Smoky Mountain News’ annual Living Well edition.
Here is an article that we have had posted under Links for years. We decided this was a better place to share it.
A doctor recommends meditation to his patients, and mentions research on how meditation potentially reduces the risk of heart attacks, especially in African-American men.
There are so many ways meditation helps keep you healthy and strong. Here is some great advice from a medical point of view.
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Every thought and word you use makes a difference, and can create unexpected results if not expressed mindfully. These six examples apply at work, or any situation.
This fascinating article provides insight on keeping cool in extreme situations that can benefit anyone.
This advice column explores some misperceptions about meditation and spirituality, and how everyone can make room in their faith tradition for this important practice.
This fascinating article (and video), shows how a school in Baltimore is using meditation to help kids (and their families) find peace and positive purpose in their life.
There are so many ways to meditate. Here are a few unconventional forms of meditation and concentration.
Here is another article from the Huffington Post about the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of meditation.
This is the second in a pair of articles published by ESPN regarding the Seattle Seahawks and their successful use of meditation. Mind over matter!
This is not a true story, but Pope Francis’ spirituality and compassion certainly make this story believable. It only be a vision, but we can focus on manifesting a future that lives up to it.
This is a great article about how the Seattle Seahawks NFL football franchise is using meditation and visualizations to realize their potential.
A county executive tells the story of how the thoughts and determination of a few folks with only a few dollars to their name helped inspire him to successfully serve his community.
The body responds to the mind. When we have a mind at peace, we experience peace. This article explores what happens in our body when we take time to just breathe.
We see more Metaphysics in the media these days, but we don’t hear much about celebrities who embrace its principles. Actor Dan Ackroyd talks about some of his family’s spiritual experiences.

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