Metaphysical Lessons

On the third Sunday of each month and on other special occasions, we offer an uplifting Metaphysical lesson designed to inspire you to be the best you can be. We encourage you to explore!

In this lesson we discuss overcoming our distractions to focus on what really matters.
This month, we use a message from ancient Jerusalem to learn how to set priorities and make the best use of the “things” in our life.

It's not hard for us to allow our challenges to consume and swallow us. The lesson of Jonah and the big fish can teach us a lot about this situation.

This year, take time to set aside our focus on the drama and challenges in your life to recognize and learn from the blessings that come with them.
For the Thanksgiving holiday we focus on an attitude of gratitude: Finding the blessings in everything, no matter how good or bad things might seem.
For the New year, we follow the example of Lot's wife to learn a lesson about the hazards of lingering in the past.
Taking time to navigate through the things of life makes them so much more livable, even when they don't go the way we might expect.

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