Metaphysical Lessons

On the third Sunday of each month and on other special occasions, we offer an uplifting Metaphysical lesson designed to inspire you to be the best you can be. We encourage you to explore!

In this lesson we explore the story of the birth of our Spirit. This lesson refers to additional interpretations of the seven days of Creation, which are not covered in the discussion. Click here to view a summary of all of the interpretations we referred to.
This lesson takes us on a journey within to find our true self, and the expression of God we seek to know and understand.

Follow the example of Jesus and the Good Samaritan to bring kinder, gentler energies into our world.

The story of Easter is a powerful story, not just about the resurrection of a man who lived thousands of years ago, but the resurrection of your own Consciousness, today and every day.
This lesson explores the secrets to finding peace in adversity. The discussion centers around a specific point in time that has passed, but the lesson is relevant every day.
In the spirit of "Love Thy Neighbor," we discuss overlooking our differences and honoring the common threads that tie all of us together in spirit and in Consciousness.
Free at last! Explore the freedom that comes from within.

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