Scheduled classes

Monthly Wednesday Meditation

Third Wednesday of each month
Donations appreciated but not expected

For the last few years, we have offered a free meditation class at the Jackson County Senior Center. In order to provide a wider opportunity for our community, we are now offering this class at The Meditation Center – same day and time, for anyone who wishes to participate. You do not need to be over 50 – just come and enjoy the discussion and the sublime experience of meditation!

Come on down!

What to expect: This class includes a discussion lasting about 20-30 minutes. After a short break, we will enter into a guided meditation. Participants should be able to sit comfortably for 20-30 minutes in low light. Please expect to arrive and be seated by 12:50 pm. Seating may be limited to avoid overcrowding.

What to bring: Shoes are not permitted in carpeted areas where classes are conducted. Please bring clean socks to wear during the class. You are also welcome to bring a sweater or light blanket. If you prefer to sit on the floor, you may want to bring a small cushion to sit on.

Out of respect for our guests with allergies, please avoid the use of essential oils and fragrances.

Attendance Policy

Summary: Arrive at least 10 minutes early (no late arrivals), stay for the entire class, seating is limited, and honor our COVID policy. Read full policy here.

This class is first-come, first-served. We are not requiring registration, however, seating limits will be in force.

Online Spiritual Discussion (Zoom)