A special prayer

Numerologically, the year 2021 has an energy of 5 which indicates change. As you may have noticed, even in the first few weeks of the year, a vast change in energies began as our country and our world go through a transformation.

What comes to mind is the title of a John Lennon song from back in 1969: “Give Peace a Chance.” In that 1960s spirit of freedom and brotherhood, we honor this concept with a groovy tie-dyed version of our logo. May it inspire us to remember our role in the world community, and join together to look after each other, and share compassion, instead of focusing on our own selfish needs.

To facilitate this energy of change in the most positive way, we offer a special prayer to focus our intent on a higher vibration:

As we witness a dawn of new energy centered in hope and kindness, may our country and our world embrace a new foundation of compassion and unity to propagate peace among our people, turning away from discord and war.

May the people whom we have chosen to represent us focus on the things that serve our collective highest good, turning away from selfish interests and deception.

May each person on this planet recognize the love of their 7 billion brothers and sisters, turning away from hatred and condemnation.

May everyone understand that even though we might not always agree, we can find common ground that serves all of our needs. We are not enemies. We are family. We are connected in Consciousness. And as our thoughts, our words, and our intent make space for this energy to thrive, we make it so.

And so it is!

A healing prayer