“Lessons” vs. “lectures”

We have made a subtle, but important change here at The Meditation Center. It all comes down to semantics.

All of our activities are education oriented – we want you to learn about your spiritual path. In addition to classes, we offer monthly presentations, which are more of sit-back-and-listen-and-contemplate experience. Our training path always referred to these educational presentations as “lectures,” so that is the terminology we have used over the past five years.

After some contemplation, we have come to notice that the word “lecture” sometimes conveys an energy that isn’t always encouraging, so we’ve decided to rename them “Monthly Metaphysical Lessons.”

The previously posted audio content on this website still includes the word “lecture,” but going forward, we are using words like “lesson,” “presentation,” and “program” throughout our website. The word “lecture” is used sparingly when we need to refer to these activities in a generic context. It’s a subtle, yet powerful change in energy and intent.

We thank you for being part of our community, and for allowing us to be part of your path of spiritual unfoldment. We encourage your questions and ideas.

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