An affirmation of peace

This is an affirmation inspired by Psalm 23. For a different variation, check out this meditation based on the same scripture:

Divine love guides me and supplies my every need.

I can enjoy my life.

Even when things don’t seem to be ideal,
I find peace in my surroundings.

My Consciousness reminds me that all is well.
I do good things because it is the right thing to do.

Yes, sometimes my life has its challenges,
and on occasion may even seem hopeless,
but I have no need to be afraid – I persevere.

I have comfort in knowing that everything is in Divine Order,
even when it doesn’t meet my expectations.

I am prepared for all of the challenges and blessings in my life,
and I welcome them abundantly,
for my Consciousness unfolds,
and I grow wiser with every experience.

As I set my intentions on doing good,
good is what I will experience, now – always.
And so it is.

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