A healing prayer

Healing is an important part of our ministry. Here we present to you an adaptation of a healing prayer, originally used as a group affirmation during our New Year Renewal Services. It is a wonderful way to maintain a mindset of healing and harmony in your life.

Infinite Spirit, Almighty God, touch me with your Divine healing energy, restoring mind, body, and spirit, to perfect health, perfect peace.  I surrender everything that is human into your divine healing embrace.  

I release the burdens of the past and worries about the future, and open wide the doors to infinite healing.  

I freely allow the Divine healing energy to flow through me, transmuting all things negative.

As the healing light overcomes the darkness and touches the depths of my soul, there is peace.  Help me to remember that I am a spiritual being endowed with the ability to heal and be healed.   

I visualize people everywhere having the awareness and the understanding that there is but one God.

I put my trust in KNOWING that all of life is in divine order.

And so it is. 


Randy Doster
Twelve days
A special prayer