by Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks

Centered in the power and presence of God within me, I am strong and courageous. I go forth to do what is mine to do.

Spiritual strength helps us remain confident and steadfast as we trust in the power and presence of God with us and within us, especially in times of transformation. Through prayer and meditation, we activate inner strength, which allows us to:

  • Be still and patient
  • Create stability from a shaky foundation
  • Remain nonresistant and nonattached, especially in the face of uncertainty
  • Embrace our own humility and limitations
  • Accept what we cannot do or control
  • Change direction or attempt something new
  • Endure challenges and persevere despite them
  • Discern when and how to act, rather than react
  • Maintain balance between our heads and hearts
  • Trust in a divine outcome, even when we don’t yet see it

As we develop our spiritual strength, we learn to trust and use our intuition – the “God Guidance” we seek. With strength, we find assurance as we discern the best ways to live our lives.

Source: Lent 2017: Be Ye Transformed, published by Unity, 1901 NW Blue Parkway, Unity Village, MO 64065,

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