Peace on Earth begins at home

by Carol McCrite

For a number of years there’s been a lot of scuttlebutt about THEM stealing Christmas from US.

Frankly, I think it’s all a conspiracy theory. How can you “steal” Christmas? Even the Grinch tried and failed, remember?

The decor, presents, food that he took away had no effect on hearts and minds … on the Spirit of the holiday itself. The Whos of Whoville were still happy and singing! What? How could that possibly be?

The Grinch discovered the true meaning of the holiday (oops, I said the “H” word) and he got caught up in the love which is what it’s all about now…. isn’t it?

You can maintain traditions till the cows come home, but if you walk out of a beautiful Christmas Eve service with candles and choir music, then cut your “brethren or “sistern” off in traffic (and simultaneously give them the Hawaiian good luck sign), are you REALLY in sync with the Spirit of the Season? Heck! Are you in sync with the GOD of LOVE you paid homage to not 10 minutes ago?

Don’t fly off the handle and start sending nasty Twitter messages to The Sylva Herald. I am NOT against traditional worship in any sense of the imagination.

I’m just sayin’ even Jesus had a HUGE problem with religious hypocrisy. He was devoted to criticizing some of those who practiced it on a regular daily basis. Called them very ugly names. Made them extremely angry to the point that they eventually tormented and hung him.

And so it went down through the ages. Worthy opponents of hypocrisy were murdered “for the betterment of society as a whole.” You see, these people were a THREAT to the status quo.

But that brings us full circle. Back to somebody stealing Christmas or Thanksgiving or Easter. If you think “commercializing” the religious-based holiday steals it, think again.

I find it difficult to believe that buying those we love a token of our affection is EVIL. After all, if Love is the motivation, then God won’t get us for that.

Of course if it is to shut them up – placate them – with diamonds or a new drone, depending on taste, then God might have a teensy problem. Not necessarily with you, but with them. (Michael’s carries muslin bags with C-O-A-L printed on them for the likes of whiners.)

“It’s the greedy stores who promote this commercialism,” a Facebook post touted defense of Christianity’s highest, holiest holiday.

“They have ruined Thanksgiving and Christmas with parades and elves, a black and a white Santa in the same parade, for Pete’s sake!”

The social media lit up with so much foul language the votility could supply electricity to every home in Jackson, Swain and Macon counties. So much for peace on earth.

I literally need to wrap this up so let me say that in the past I have been guilty of railing against those “sinners” out in the highways and the hedges who ruin Christmas.

I have joined in the voices of those who thought religions, other than my own, were misled – wrong as rain and needed enlightenment. At age 16 I dedicated myself at the altar, vowing to go over to Africa to win lost souls, while African Americans in the segregated South – my neighborhood – went hungry and were marginalized so much so they were pushed into ghettos and then called names for being there!

I had the steps down pat, but the music was all wrong. Peace on Earth begins with me. Nobody can steal that. It is a sacred trust guarded by my heart.

My holiday wish is that each of us would seek and find that peace. Then truly, Christmas WILL come!

Carol McCrite lives in Whittier. She wrote a humor column for many years for a group of Florida newspapers.

Source: Posted: Wednesday, December 7, 2016 2:00 pm

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