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Meditation: Healing radiance

Here is a guided meditation that you can follow for your healing meditation practice. A 15-minute audio version of this meditation can be found at the bottom of this page:

Sit comfortably, and take several full, deep, cleansing breaths, allowing the cares and concerns of the day to drift aside where they won’t disturb you. Allow your body to relax, paying particular attention to areas where you tend to hold tension: your jaws, your neck, your shoulders and your hips. Continue to breathe comfortably as you continue to relax.

Visualize a bright, white light shining outward from the center of your being, radiating in all directions. Be aware of many others joining with you from their locations, doing the same thing.

Imagine your every thought traveling outward on those beams of light wherever they are needed. You are like a radio transmitter sending messages of healing throughout your community and around the world.

On those beams of light are carried the healing energies of Spirit working through you. You are the vehicle through which the energies are being shared. Focus your thoughts on healing for all of humanity, all of life, and all of our planet, as you watch these thoughts expanding outward across the lightwaves. Avoid thinking about specific outcomes or expectations, allowing the healing energies to do their work in whatever way is needed to serve the highest good of all concerned.

In the silence, think about people listed on our healing list, and on prayer lists everywhere. Think about the people in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, or wherever healing is needed in mind, body or spirit. See each person receiving the healing energies you are sending, and then see each person sharing those healing energies in the same way, from wherever they are – a network of healing light surrounding and comforting our planet.

As the healing light does its work through you, see yourself being healed, as well, for all is good.

Remain in silence for a few minutes, seeing all of the energies continuing to do their work, about 20 minutes. When you are finished, give yourself a big hug for the wonderful work you have done, and that we have done together as emissaries of the healing light energies we have shared.

We give thanks for the opportunity to share energies of healing wherever they are needed, and for whatever purpose that best serves those needs. We know and trust that the grace and love of God expresses through us, carried forth on these energies to serve the highest good of humanity and our world, even if we can’t always see the results of the love we share.

And so it is!

Audio recording

Music: Sacral Chakra Meditation by Eric Bartel,

Meditation: Healing with Rev. Jackson #1