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As you know, it is one of our foundational beliefs that though our physical body eventually dies, our true self – the spirit, the soul – never dies. Looks like we are in good company!

Olivia Newton-John Shared Her Hopes For The Afterlife In Poignant Interview: ‘I’m Not Afraid’

August 10, 2022
by Winn Sioux Christnot-Peters

British-Australian singer, actress and activist Olivia Newton-John—who passed away on Monday at 73-years-old—had been open about her thoughts on death and the afterlife. She had been fighting breast cancer for 30 years, so she had plenty of time to consider her own mortality and what that meant “quite a few times”.

Newton-John discussed those thoughts with Sarah Grynberg on her podcast A Life of Greatness last year.

“I mean—we all know we are going to die. I think we spend our lives probably much in denial of it.”

She detailed her thoughts on what comes after death.

“What I feel about it is extremely personal, so I find it hard to put into words. I believe that we are all part of one thing. I’ve had experiences with—how can I put it?—spirits or spirit life or felt the spirit world or have heard things that I believe there is something that happens. It’s almost like we are parts of a big computer and we go back to the main battery. I don’t have a definite definition of what it is. Some people call it ‘heaven’. Some call it ‘the universe’. I just think there is a great knowingness out there that we become part of.”

She also talked about what those who had near-death experiences described.

“[They] say it’s the most unbelievable feeling of love that you’ve ever experienced and you don’t want to come back. So I’m kind of looking forward to that. Not now but when it happens.”

When Grynberg asked about the afterlife, she replied:

“They all seem to have the same ending. Either we come back as something else or we go to heaven or we join others in the spirit world. But most humans want to believe that we go on. I don’t know if that is so. I hope that I can let people know when it happens if it is.”

The world has taken Newton-John’s death pretty hard.

She touched so many lives.

Tributes poured in on social media from her friends and those she influenced as soon as her death was announced.

[various celebrity tweets omitted]

Newton-John’s passing made the world a little poorer, but her influence is still felt. She was a champion for cancer research, animal welfare and environmental protection, as well as innumerable other causes. The impact of her life’s work won’t fade any time soon.

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