Meditation in the eyes of AI

This article about the benefits of meditation, as well as the image included on this page, were created using artificial intelligence (AI). It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true. We used an article generator using the keywords “benefits of meditation” and we used an image generator using “find your peace,” and a computer did the rest. We have to say we’re impressed!

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Mindfulness vs. Meditation

There is often confusion between the concepts of meditation and mindfulness. They are so similar that sometimes it can be challenging to see why they are not the same thing. While there can be elements of both in either practice, they are distinctly different. Meditation is time of inward contemplation in the present moment, which reduces stress and increases personal awareness in relation to one’s surroundings. Mindfulness is time spent paying attention to one’s surroundings and feelings in the present moment, and using that awareness to modify inner perceptions and behavior, which also reduces stress. They are almost like mirror images of each other, interacting harmoniously when used together. This interesting article from The Washington Post illustrates how profound the difference can be. While the author suggests a number of useful mindfulness techniques, there is no element of meditation at all.

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Words matter

One of our more popular discussion topics is about manifesting with our words. Everything you have ever experienced began with a thought in someone’s mind, either a person, or Divine Mind. Every thought and word you use makes a difference, and can create unexpected results if not done mindfully. While this article is written in the context of a work environment, both the principle and the six examples apply to any situation.

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