A visit from the Spirit of St. Nicholas

with a special nod to Clement Clarke Moore

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Center
There came a slight chill, a sure sign of winter.
The candles were snuffed, and the chimes put away;
The music was silent as we ended our day.

Randy was bundled up, all warm and cozy.
I knew the cold air would make my cheeks rosy.
We turned down the lights, and prepared to go out,
To enjoy a nice fire in the hearth at our house,

When outside the door we heard such a fuss,
We rushed to the window to see what it was.
Out on the porch, in the lights of the night,
Was a worn out old man, such a saddening sight.

Behind him he carried a tattered red bag.
Threadbare and worn, it dangled and sagged.
We invited him in, to find a warm space.
His gratitude shone in the smile on his face.

We asked him, “Who are you?” with concern in our voice.
He replied, “I am here, ’cause there’s no other choice.
A Spirit I am – called Nicholas by name,
I’ve tried very hard, but I feel so much shame.

The world is in chaos, and I’m so unhappy.
People are hateful, and treat me so crappy.
My mission is clear, I came to share love
Inspired in heart by the light from above.

They chased me away, told me I was not fit
To be in their presence, so quickly I split.
I want to share peace, and my heart is determined
To make them all see that I’m not some vermin.

I’d just given up hope, when I saw your lights.
I knew right away that my instincts were right!
I came up the walkway, still slightly unsure,
Then the door flew open, and there you both were!”

“Help me!” he said, “I need inspiration!
I can’t take one more moment of bitter frustration!”
“Breathe deeply,” Randy said, with a confident glow,
“You create your own anguish when your energy’s low.

Mind activates principle, which in turn creates.
You have the power: your Christ-light innate!
Cast out old thoughts, and find happiness new.
Your message is important, and we trust in you!”

He stood up from his chair, and tested his gift.
He banished his demons; his spirits did lift:
“Go worry! Go doubt! Go fear and frustration!
Come love and Come peace! Bring hope’s inspiration!”

With the wink of his eye, and a smile on his face,
He knew he had come to just the right place.
He suddenly glowed, and we were both floored.
His clothes shimmered brightly, his will was restored.

He thanked us profusely; he’d rediscovered his way.
All he needed was a nudge on that cold winter day.
“It’s not about carols or shopping or gifts.
It’s the love that we share, which gives us a lift:

Harmony, kindness, compassion and cheer,
Inspiration from Spirit that brightens our year!”
As he walked out the door, he called back to us,
“It wasn’t my intention to create such a fuss.”

The power to create what you want in your life
Can often be hidden by worry and strife.
We are the light of Consciousness bright
Manifesting and expressing in our own Divine right.

The Spirit of Christmas had knocked on our door.
We helped him find peace, we could do nothing more.
Then we heard him call out as he vanished from sight,
“Merry Christmas, dear world. May we all share our light!”

Loving wishes for a joyous holiday and a prosperous new year
from The Meditation Center

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