The evolution of my Consciousness

We share with you a special meditation that we prepared for a recent Metaphysical Lesson. One of the things we teach is that that every person, place and situation mentioned in scripture is a representation of ourselves on the journey of the unfoldment of our Consciousness, both individually and as a people. This series of affirmations connects stories of scripture with the experience of our own growth and expanded understanding. We hope you enjoy it!

The Evolution of My Consciousness
by Mark Stein

In the beginning, I entered this physical life
As an innocent child, and it was good!

Like the Garden of Eden, my world was a peaceful sanctuary,
My every need met by a parental figure who loved,
Protected, and sheltered me from the outside world.

As a toddler, I began exploring my free will.
Like Adam and Eve, I found I could sneak a bite of an apple,
And I learned about responsibility and trustworthiness.

I began to assert and express my own personality,
And like Cain, I was held accountable for my actions.

I learned the rules of Right and Wrong,
And as with the Ten Commandments, I did my best to comply.

In times of adversity, I discovered worry and fear,
And like Noah, I learned the importance of being patient and prepared,
And the understanding that these things shall pass.

As a teenager, I began to express my independence,
And like Moses, I sought freedom, as I wandered the vast desert of adolescence.

When I finally reached that “Promised Land” of adulthood
What awaited me was responsibility for my own journey.


Now, as I proceed as an adult,
I navigate the subtleties of life.

Like David I find confidence and strength
As I conquer the Goliath of life’s challenges.

Like Lot, I refrain from looking back upon my past.
Instead, I continue ahead, knowing the future will be rewarding.

Like Abraham, I trust that all is in Divine Order,
Even when it seems that there are no good options available to me.

Like John the Baptist, I discover the meaning of spiritual living,
As I maintain dedication and loyalty to these principles.

As my understanding grows within me, like Mary,
My spiritual awakening is born.

I now realize that I am an expression of God.
Like Jesus, I know I can create peace,
Even in the stormiest of times.

When the moneychangers of my error thinking try to deceive me,
I banish them, with renewed confidence and strength.
When I am tempted to act on my negative thoughts,

I retreat to the wilderness of my mind to face my inner demons,
And emerge with a stronger sense of value and purpose.

Even when I can see troubling times ahead,
I proceed triumphantly into my own Jerusalem, a place of Peace,
Knowing that nothing can harm me unless I allow it.

And through every challenge, even death,
I know that I can and will persevere.

I crucify my error thinking,
And my Spirit is continually resurrected!

I AM the Alpha and Omega, and everything in between.
I recognize that life does not have a beginning or end,
But is an eternal cycle of growth and unfoldment.

The Grace of God expresses in me and in all things,
And as I recognize this Grace, I thrive and I prosper.

And so it is.

© 2020 by Mark Stein. “The Evolution of My Consciousness” by Mark Stein is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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