Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! We never really closed – we just adapted. We are returning to an in-person class schedule, supplemented by the online classes and content that you have come to know during the pandemic. We welcome you back, but first, there are some rules and limitations you should know about, and class sizes may be limited. Visit our Classes page for details, and to register for your favorite classes! Click here to see all that is changing.

The Meditation Center focuses on classes and activities designed to help you find peace in your life through various meditation techniques and spiritual wisdom.  Our center provides an opportunity for our visitors to explore their spiritual path and to find peace in their lives. We offer generic classes for relaxation, as well as spiritually-based meditation as we continue together on our path of growth and unfoldment.

There are many forms of meditation that pervade all cultures that are designed for different purposes or goals. What you will find is that we teach spiritual principles that are enhanced or fulfilled through meditation. There are many different ways to achieve a meditative state. We do not subscribe to any particular meditation regimen or technique. Our goal is to teach a variety of techniques so that each visitor can decide for themselves what works best for them. Some people prefer to sit in a chair while others prefer to sit on the floor or in a reclining position. Some prefer music while others like silence. Some like guided meditations, while others prefer quiet contemplation. Some like darkness, while others prefer to sit with a candle or in a lit room. What works for some may not work well for others. Only you can decide what works for you.

  • For special classes, we recommend that you sign up for a class by using the registration link on our Classes page, if available, or by calling us at 828 356-1105 or by email at to let us know you are coming. This helps us avoid cancellations.
  • Bring socks! Except for lectures and special events, we do not permit shoes in our sanctuary where classes are held, so we ask that you bring a comfortable pair of socks to wear during activities. (We have a limited supply of clean socks to use while you are visiting.)
  • Out of respect for our guests who have allergies, please refrain from using essential oils or fragrances.
  • Classes and meditation sessions start promptly at the scheduled time. Late arrivals are disruptive, and detract from the effectiveness of the meditation. Please plan to arrive and be seated at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
  • If you are going to be meditating with us, you may want to bring a sweater, as our bodies tend to chill when we relax.
  • We provide comfortable chairs to sit in, however, if you prefer to sit on the floor, you are welcome to bring a small cushion to sit on. (We have a spare cushion, in case you forget yours.)

Also be sure to review and understand our COVID-19 policy, which changes from time to time based on CDC and state guidance. Seating is limited. We recommend that you register for classes to ensure a seat. Walk-ins are permitted if there is space, but we cannot guarantee seating without a reservation.

Yes! Not all of our guests live here in western North Carolina, so we need to be flexible! We offer live classes on Zoom, supplemented by our weekly healing meditations and informative monthly Metaphysical lessons in recorded form. We also offer additional classes and activities sponsored by our friends at the Washington Metaphysical Church. View our Classes page for information about all of our class offerings.

We accept donations for all of our activities. Most classes may have a requested donation amount, and some are offered on a free-will donation basis, depending on the content of the class or the arrangements we have made with the instructor. We do not turn anyone away for the inability to pay. Of course, we lovingly accept all donations, whether monetary or through service in kind. Click here for more information about our class donation philosophy.

We don’t recommend making a significant investment in meditation accessories until you know what works best for you. A quiet, comfortable place is all you really need. If you find something that enhances your meditation experience, then by all means take advantage of it, as long as it is within your means. If you choose to create a particular ritual that works for you, we ask that you don’t become dependent on it. True meditation can be accomplished in virtually any circumstances without anything except being equipped with a willingness to find peace within yourself. Change your routine occasionally to breathe new life into your meditation. Try new things, but don’t allow material objects or atmosphere to limit or influence your ability to meditate successfully. No object, place or sound can “make” you meditate any more or less successfully than your own desire and willingness to do so. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yes! The Meditation Center is a non-profit charitable organization eligible for tax-deductible donations as permitted by law*. Please make donations payable to “The Meditation Center.” We are a volunteer-based organization, so of course, we also value the donation of your time and talent. If you have a special skill or professional training that you can share with us, please let us know!
*Please consult with a tax professional to determine how tax laws apply to your specific circumstances.

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Donations from classes and activities, or those made directly to the center are used to cover our operating expenses (rent, utilities, repayment of loans, maintenance, supplies, marketing/advertising, community membership and other ordinary expenses). We also strive to support local community organizations and activities. Our facilitators work on a volunteer basis to keep expenses to a minimum. The donations we receive help to make our programs available to you. We also believe in the Law of Attraction: Whatever we give is returned to us in kind many times over. This applies not only to you, our visitors, but also to our Center as an active participant in our community. Together we maintain a continuous cycle of giving and receiving for the highest good of all concerned!

No. Even though we are chartered as a religious organization, we do not operate as a church. Our primary purpose is education, which is achieved through classes and lectures.

In the purest sense of the word, yes. Most of our activities are non-denominational, which draw from methodologies and wisdom of many cultures, and are compatible with virtually any faith tradition. Some of our teachings are scripturally-based, however, we honor and respect the path of all individuals as they find their way on their own journey through their personal exploration of truth. Our Metaphysical lessons and philosophy are Bible-based, and we honor the teachings of Jesus, as well as other holy avatars of God. We call it Divine Metaphysics, which some describe as “mystical Christianity.” We do not subscribe to any specific doctrine, rather we explore the deeper mystical meaning of Judeo-Christian scripture and other sources of wisdom to learn about our role and purpose as spiritual beings, and to provide a stronger path of confidence and upliftment as we progress in the continual unfoldment of our own Christ Consciousness. We are not here to tell you what to believe. We want you to find your own path to peace! All are welcome.

Consciousness in its simplest form means “awareness.” In the context of our center, it means that we are aware that all things are part of God’s creation, which we honor and respect. It is the awareness that God is not a person waiting to judge us, but rather the creative essence, which expresses in and through us, and all things. We use terms like “Consciousness,” “awareness” and “mindfulness” to express and realize our oneness with all of creation. One of our favorite affirmations is “I am the light of God Consciousness manifesting and expressing in and through a physical body.”

Well, you were pretty close, except for maybe 50 miles, a couple of counties and one letter. You have reached The Meditation Center in Sylva, NC. That extra “t” in our name makes a big difference!

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Updated 7/2/2021