Suggest a message for our sign

As you know, our sign on East Main Street is one of the ways we maintain visibility in the community. When we don’t have specific classes to advertise, we use the space to post inspiring messages to get people thinking about life. If you have an idea for a message with a metaphysical, spiritual theme, please use the form below to share it with us. Our current message is shown in the photo:


Please bear in mind that we have to be able to fit the message on the sign (48-50 characters max), and we can’t guarantee we will be able to use every idea, but we appreciate any suggestions you are willing to share!

Examples of past messages:

  • “You are the light.”
  • “Let peace begin with me”
  • “Under all circumstances keep an even mind”
  • “Be the change you want to see”
  • “Whatever follows ‘I AM’ follows you!”
  • “Don’t wait to RIP – Live in Peace”
  • “Meditation is the key to self-awareness”
  • “Life is good. Make it so.”
  • “Let go and let God”
  • “What the world needs now is love.”
  • “Meditation – Ask your doctor if it’s right for you”

Submission Form