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We love numerology! It’s a fascinating way to explore your life purpose based on the date you chose to enter this life, and the name you picked for yourself (yes, you picked it!). Imagine our surprise when we found this Reader’s Digest article about understanding your life path, one of the foundational components of numerology!

What Is Your Life Path Number—and What Does It Mean for You?

Looking for cosmic guidance? Your life path number may just hold the key to your destiny.

January 18, 2024
by Lauren Ash

Birthdays are a special time of year, signifying the exact moment you were born. But did you know the energy of that moment can reveal a lot about your life’s journey? In fact, your life path number (based on your date of birth) can reveal your hidden personality, values and more, just like how your sun, moon and rising sign can reveal your unique strengths and talents. If you were curious about the secrets that might be hiding in the stars around your birthday, you’ve come to the right place.

“Numerology is an ancient practice that interprets the deeper meaning behind numbers and their influence on human life,” says spirituality and numerology expert Tiffany McGee. “It’s a mystical language that reveals insights about personal characteristics, life challenges and destiny.”

Numerology assigns a unique energy and meaning to every number, but some numbers hold more power than others. You’ve probably seen angel numbers out and about during your day. Or maybe you’ve got a lucky number that always turns up when you need it most. It might sound like superstition to some, but a rich esoteric history is associated with the numbers we use every day. Whether you’re new to numerology or just looking to expand your spiritual wisdom, the best place to start is by calculating your life path number.

What is a life path number?

Calculated by adding up the numbers in your birth date (then simplifying), your life path number represents your core desires and authentic self and can transform the way you see yourself as an individual. Discovering the hidden parts of your personality through numerology is a powerful way to unlock your true potential. Your life path number is considered the most influential energy in your numerology chart.

Everyone has their own set of natural strengths and weaknesses, and by understanding these aspects of yourself through numerology, you can make decisions that align with your purpose and make choices to guide you toward a fulfilling life. Each life path number has positive and negative traits, but how they influence your life is up to you! You can use this information alongside zodiac compatibility to find a soulmate match or see if your life path number can support your zodiac career strength. The possibilities are endless.

How do you find your life path number?

To calculate your life path number, add each digit of your full birth date, including the month, day and year, and keep simplifying until you arrive at a single-digit or master number. The possible life path numbers are the single digits 1-9 and master numbers 11, 22 and 33. If you end up with a two-digit number that isn’t one of the master numbers, keep reducing it until you get to a single digit.

For example, if you were born on May 22, 1975, you would add 5 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5. You would get 31. Then you’d add 3 + 1 together to get life path number 4, the most powerful energy in your numerology chart.

There are some instances when your life path number might reduce to a two-digit master number rather than a single-digit number. For example, if you were born on June 23, 1975, you would add 6 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5. Then you’d get 33, a master number and the most powerful energy in your numerology chart.

Having a double-digit number in numerology amplifies the power that number symbolizes. However, you should only pay attention to double digits if your birthday reduces to a master number (11, 22 or 33). Master numbers are believed to challenge and push people out of their comfort zones, but growth, success and achievement come with that. These numbers carry a heavy weight of responsibility and karmic lessons to be learned, pushing these people to new heights in the evolution of their spirit. If your life path number reduces to any of these three master numbers, it’s a sign that you have a higher purpose in this lifetime.

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What does each life path number mean?

Similar to zodiac sun signs, not everyone with the same life path number has the same personality or is influenced the same way by numerology. Your life path number is more than a simple personality test meant to reduce your personality to a list of good and bad qualities. Think of your life path number more like an internal compass to help guide your decisions. “Each life path number has unique characteristics,” McGee says. “Knowing the meaning of these numbers and related traits can help you understand your personality and predict your life choices.” Once you’ve found your life path number, you can uncover what it means for you.

Life path number 1

People born under life path number 1 possess natural leadership skills and innovative thinking. In numerology, the number one is associated with action, ambition and drive, similar to the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. These high-achievers don’t wait for the world to give them permission to pursue their dreams. They are fueled by an inner drive to leave their mark on the world and make a difference. And while this bold approach to action takes them to new heights in life, it can also lead to impulsive decision-making. The goal for people with a life path number 1 is to learn how to create a balanced life in order to achieve success.

Life path number 2

People born under life path number 2 tend to be compassionate, mindful and nurturing. In numerology, the number two is associated with sensitivity, tenderness, kindness and cooperation. Many experts also see it as the most psychic life path number. Life path number 2 prioritizes the needs of others and finds joy in investing their energy into the relationships they cherish, embodying a peaceful and diplomatic energy that can unite people. Although they are highly emotional and sensitive to criticism, they can learn to balance the opinions of others with their intuition. This quality makes them even more inspiring as they continue to spread positivity and love wherever they go.

Life path number 3

Life path number 3 is linked to creativity, self-expression and soul transformation. These people have a way with words and can seamlessly fit into different social circles, friend groups and career spaces throughout their lives. One of the strengths of having a life path number 3 is flexibility and freedom to change course. These people find it easy to roll with the punches and make the best out of a bad situation. They are known for their creativity and imagination. However, they can also be indecisive and need help with commitment. To succeed, they need to learn to focus their energy and find a fulfilling outlet for their talents.

Life path number 4

In numerology, the number four symbolizes dedication, commitment, stamina and endurance. People born under this life path number value hard work and will put in the effort to come out on top. These people approach life in a very sensible and measured way, which often leads them to long-term success. Self-discipline is one of the defining traits of having a life path number 4, but it can also lead to self-criticism. Their fear of being anything less than perfect can often lead them to miss out on some of life’s little joys. People with a life path number 4 must learn to balance responsibility and pleasure to enjoy life fully.

Life path number 5

People born under life path number 5 are adventurous and adaptable by nature. They go with the flow and don’t waste time fighting life’s current. Instead, they wait to see how the natural course of things unfolds so they can seize the moment at the right time. Life path number 5 knows how to make the most of a fleeting opportunity, which can lead them to unusual and grand life experiences. However, the need for freedom and independence could lead to toxic interpersonal patterns if they’re not careful. Being born under a life path number 5 means accepting help from others and being patient with people when they need a helping hand.

Life path number 6

In numerology, the number six represents connectedness and community. These people are deeply empathetic and can see the flaws in society’s current structure. They are often drawn to caretaking professions, where their gifts and talents can be used to enrich the lives of people around them. An idealist by nature, life path number 6 always sees the best in others and will go above and beyond to help the people around them reach their full potential. However, they can also become disillusioned and disappointed if they feel underappreciated or undervalued by the people closest to them. It’s important for life path number 6 to find strength in themselves and stand firm in their boundaries.

Life path number 7

Life path number 7 is the luckiest life path number there is. It infuses the good fortune and expensive energy of lucky number seven with everything you do in life. People born with this life path number always have things work out for them. Whatever venture they try their hand at or new skill they pick up, there is a natural grace and ease with what they do. For this reason, it can be easy for these folks to glide through life, assuming things are owed to them. Don’t take these gifts for granted! Those born under life path 7 need to connect with their intellectualism and spirituality on a deeper level and share their good fortune and success generously with others.

Life path number 8

People born with a life path number 8 have the potential to achieve great success in life. They are driven by an internal need to prove themselves and are generally trusted and well liked by other ambitious people. Think of life path number 8 as a leader among leaders who can use their savvy social skills and whip-smart intelligence to navigate life effortlessly. Using the skills for selfish reasons can be tempting, and numerologists warn against letting the ego win. While ambition is a powerful quality, having people’s respect is important. The soul mission of a life path number 8 is to harness their true power and use it to transform everything about themselves.

Life path number 9

Compassionate and idealistic, people born with a life path number 9 are here to usher in the new age. These folks are humble in their approach to life, but they have big ambitions for what their talents can do. People born with this life path number focus on building deep, intimate relationships with others and looking for ways to support people on an emotional level. These people make excellent community leaders, spiritual teachers, politicians and activists who can galvanize people around an idea or movement. They need to remain realistic about their dreams and remember to put in the daily work to see their ideal future manifested.

Master number 11

In numerology, master number 11 is the most intuitive and spiritually sensitive of all life path numbers. It represents a divine connection to the energy of creation, allowing these people to channel their subconscious desires into the physical realm. Eleven is a powerful number that combines the meaning of numbers one and two in numerology. People with a master number 11 can see the grand design of the cosmos and are sent to the physical world to help orchestrate its completion. People with this life path number may take some time to discover their true selves, and every unsuccessful attempt brings them closer to their ultimate purpose.

Master number 22

The master number 22 is a highly influential number that possesses transformative power. Individuals born under this life path number utilize their fears and darkness as inspiration. They are not afraid to delve deep into their spiritual selves and do the necessary introspection to master all aspects of their personality. Although they may appear serious and reserved on the surface, it is likely because something profound is happening within their subconscious. Master number 22 will experience many lifetimes throughout their human existence, so it is crucial for them to embrace their flaws without judgment and learn to use them to their advantage.

Master number 33

In numerology, master number 33 represents pure love, compassion and joy from the universe. People born under this life path number are effervescent, idealistic and always looking on the positive side of life. These people deeply desire to guide, teach and nurture others into being the best version of themselves. Not only do these people have the vision of how they want to change the world, but they also have the work ethic and follow-through to make it happen. Because they view things differently than most, they can initially suffer pushback from people who want to reinforce the status quo. Master number 33 shows the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals who share their passion.

About the expert Tiffany McGee is a spirituality and numerology expert, as well as the founder of Nomadrs, a site dedicated to genuine principles of spirituality, dream interpretation and more. She is also the author of the e-book Manifesting Love: How to Unleash the Superpower That’s Deep Within You.


  • Tiffany McGee, spirituality and numerology expert at Nomadrs; interview Nov. 2023

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