Scheduled classes

Monthly Metaphysical Lesson

Third Sunday of each month at 11:00 pm
Donations encouraged and always appreciated
See Calendar for specific dates

Each month, we offer an interactive experience featuring music, reverence and an inspiring Metaphysical lesson. Listen to recordings of past lessons on the Lessons page of our website. Join us for silent meditation and healing during the half hour before our start time.

Reservations are not required for this class. Please plan to arrive no later than 10:50 am.

Attendance Policy

Summary: Arrive at least 10 minutes early (no late arrivals), stay for the entire class, seating is limited, and honor our health safety policy. Read full policy here.

NEW:  In order to minimize interruptions, the Center is now a mobile-free zone. Please leave your cell phone in your car or at home. We promise you won’t need it!

Meaningful Monday
Weekly Healing Meditation