Heal Our Nation Nov. 3

Heal Our Nation Meditation

Tuesday, November 3, 2020
7:30 pm on Zoom

The 2020 election season is finally coming to an end. It can be exciting, and sometimes frustrating, to see the candidates jockeying for position. Now that the choices have been made, it’s time to do our part to heal the unproductive energies that tend to pervade our culture when our brothers and sisters find themselves confronting different sides of political philosophy.

Once again, we’re offering a special edition of our Tuesday Healing Meditation to focus our intent on re-establishing an energy of kindness, compassion, concern and oneness for each other and our nation, regardless of our personal philosophies.

Because of social distancing restrictions, we are offering this meditation on Zoom this year. You can register for this event using one of the options below.

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