Meditation in School

Meditation has so many health benefits, mostly centered around reducing stress. So why not use meditation to help children find a more peaceful place in their school day? This fascinating article (and video via link below), shows how something as simple as our breath can change the way we see our world, and how we react to it. Every day, there is so much to teach and inspire children of all ages!

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Spirituality in sports – Part II

This is the second in a pair of articles published by ESPN regarding the Seattle Seahawks and their use of meditation. This article was published the week after the Seahawks phenomenal Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos. They went on to win the NFC championship, with a second consecutive Super Bowl appearance, the following season. Mind over matter!

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Fake News speaks truth

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth (and rebirth) of Christ Consciousness in ourselves and the world. This Christmastime blog certainly fits the occasion. This is not a real article, nor is there any validity to it (per, but Pope Francis’ spirituality and compassion certainly are noteworthy enough to make this story plausible and believable. This ideal might not exist today outside of a vision, but we can certainly focus our energy on manifesting a tomorrow that lives up to it. We say that “mind activates principle, which produces results.” What principles are you activating today?

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Spirituality in sports – Part I

The Seattle Seahawks NFL football franchise is using meditation and visualizations to realize their potential. Another great example of how Metaphysical principles can positively change our life, even for folks who may have never heard of Metaphysics!

Note: In the two NFL seasons that followed this article, the Seahawks made two consecutive Super Bowl appearances, with season win-loss records of 13-3 (2013-14) and 12-4 (2014-15).

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The power to manifest

We teach that “mind activates principle, which produces results.” Everything we create comes from a thought, and it is through our thoughts and our concentration that they are able to manifest into something significant in our lives. In 2013, The Washington Post Magazine published an interview of Montgomery County (MD) Executive Isaiah Leggett. He tells the story of how the thoughts and determination of a few folks with only a few dollars to their name helped inspire him to manifest the successes he has had in serving his community. You never know what you can create with a little determination and desire! It’s a great article, and we share it with you here as a wonderful real-life lesson in Metaphysics.

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Spirit in the stars

You may have noticed over the past few years that there are a lot more television programs about psychic phenomena and the paranormal. As much focus as Metaphysics has in the media, we don’t hear much about celebrities who embrace its principles. Because of this, it’s all the more noticeable when an actor talks prublicly about being brought up in a family that embraces the continuity of life. In 2012 London Telegraph article, actor Dan Ackroyd, star of Ghostbusters and many other films and television programs, talks about some of his family’s spiritual experiences, among other things.

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