Our Instructors

The following people teach at The Meditation Center on a regular basis. We thought you’d like to get to know them better. For more information on the classes we offer, click here:

Chris “Vissy” Carver

Vissy is a spiritual practitioner who is a native of Jackson County. He is an ordained minister with a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysics. He teaches a variety of themed meditation classes and workshops at The Meditation Center, including his popular “Bridge of Release.”

Mana Derks

Mana received her instructor’s certification in the spring of 2017, through the University of Holistic Theology. Her main study is that of Vipassana/Mindfulness meditation. She has spent many years as a practitioner of self-realization and spiritual healing and continues to do so. Mana facilitates our Wednesday morning meditation class called “Vipassana with Mana.”

Randy Doster

Randy is a co-director of The Meditation Center, and is an ordained minister, certified Metaphysical teacher, spiritual healer, and intuitive counselor with The United Metaphysical Churches. He holds a Master of Metaphysical Science Degree (M.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysics and a Doctor of Divinity specializing in Metaphysical biblical interpretation from the University of Sedona. He is the author of the forthcoming book Mother-Father God: Understanding the Masculine and Feminine Energy Which Is God.

Carol Harrison

Carol, also known as Shantu, is a present-day shaman, animal communicator, Reiki master, published writer, and teacher. She teaches workshops at The Meditation Center on a regular basis. You will also find Carol serving as guest speaker at other spiritual centers in the region. Carol collaborated on the recent book, A Thousand Lifetimes by Maria Reich, available in our bookstore.

Mark Stein

Mark is a co-director of The Meditation Center. He is ordained minister with the United Metaphysical Churches, where he also holds certification as a Metaphysical teacher, spiritual healer, and intuitive counselor. He also shares spiritual wisdom through his blog, Lessons Learned.