New Energy class coming Aug. 26

Discover the Energy in All Things…And More

facilitated by Carol Harrison
Sunday, August 26, 2018 at 2:00 pm
$10 donation

We are happy to announce that Carol Harrison will be returning on August 26 to teach a special class on working with energy. Carol’s most recent class, “What is Shamanism?” was a fascinating and informative adventure in finding our own path of inspiration in life. We have no doubt that this class will be just as educational and exciting! Here’s how Carol describes the class:

Everything is energy. Energy is moving in, through, and around us constantly. In this class we will explore the ways to sense energy in ourselves, our homes, nature, and more. Do you know the boundaries of your own energy field? Why some locations feel so good and others don’t? How to recognize and align with energies that raise our vibration for the highest good?

Come learn and have fun as we experience feeling and communicating with energy as vibrant, conscious, and healing frequencies. We look forward to seeing you there!