New classes for January

We are happy to announce two special classes with a wellness theme coming in January. We’ll hope you will join us for both of these exciting classes, which are sure to be informative and helpful.

Vibrational and Harmonic Healing

Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 2:00 pm
facilitated by Terry Gironda
$10 donation

Terry Gironda will be joining us to discuss Vibrational and Harmonic Healing. Her specific modality of harmonic healing is Acutonics.  Acu- pertains to meridians and tonics is sound.  So Acutonics is sound and vibration on points and channels creating Harmonia with mind, body and soul. She also uses singing bowls, rattles, chimes and bells when called for.

The underlying principle of Acutonics is based on The Music of the Spheres which is a harmonic intelligence, an ethereal music produced by the movement of the Heavenly bodies as supposed by Pythagoras. So in Acutonics as well as The Pythagorean Theory, there is mystic and religion and mathematical and science linked together to create a unifying vision, the vision of Harmonia.

Terry is an entrepreneur and restaurateur by trade and has been an advanced practitioner of Acutonics for about 16 years.  She serves God and works in His Light daily.

Creating a Healthy Foundation

Sunday, January 28 at 2:00 pm
facilitated by Sienna Agan
Donations appreciated

Many of us dream of living a more natural and healthy lifestyle. A life where our bodies are in balance and can heal itself from injury and disease. But how can our bodies heal if we feed it a daily diet of unhealthy choices, excess stress and try to survive on little sleep? By creating a healthy foundation it allows us to focus on having a more proactive approach to health instead of a reactive one as problems arise. Join us as we discover a few helpful hints to bring the dream of a healthy foundation into a reality.