New Astrology Class May 5

We are pleased to announce a new class by a new instructor at The Meditation Center. On Sunday, May 5 at 2:00 pm, Nita Lawhon will present an introductory class on Astrology.

In this introductory class, we explore the Sun and Moon signs. Most people recognize and know their sun sign because of their birthday and through horoscopes on the internet or in books and magazines. Sun Signs reveal parts of our personality that is the basic part of ourselves. It shows who we are when we’re alone, our inner traits, “who we seem to be to other people.” The moon sign can give you a better idea of a person. Moon signs are your inner self, your core, your inner feelings, your deep desires, the soul part of you. The moon sign can show us how you love, what you need to feel emotionally secure, how you react to emotions. The Sun and Moon signs together give us an in-depth portrait of one’s personality and inner love and emotions. 

It is our plan to offer this as a series of classes. During the class, the participants will help decide the schedule for future classes. See you there!