Billy Zanski returns Mar. 14

facilitated by Billy Zanski
Saturday, March 14 at 3:00 pm
$20 donation (RSVP with prepayment – Buy tickets using link below)

We are pleased to announce Billy Zanski from Skinny Beats Drums in Asheville is returning to The Meditation Center on Saturday, March 14, 2020 at 3:00 pm. He will be sharing his energies with a Sound Healing session, using a variety of percussion and sound instruments, such as planetary gongs, gemstone and crystal (alchemy) bowls, West African harp, didgeridoo, hand pan, or other special instruments. 

Sound healing helps to slow the breath, and shift brain waves. As the powerful sound waves wash over the participants’ bodies, stress and worry dissipate, and the mind’s thoughts move into the background. Focusing on the landscape of peaceful sounds helps to activate the deep intelligence within the body and spirit. Billy opens up space for others to feel expanded, connected, and held in peace. Opening participants up to a greater perspective, inviting subtle shifts and healing to happen spontaneously.

Billy Zanski is an enthusiastic teacher, musician, and “helper in healing”. Sound healing and taking percussion into the realm of therapy has become the cornerstone of his sound shop Skinny Beats in Asheville. Billy has developed a mix of rhythmic and deep harmonic frequencies, from seeking out and learning from teachers across the globe. For more information about Billy please visit


You can purchase tickets through PayPal using the link below. You may also reserve and pay for seats at The Meditation Center. The deadline for refunds is March 7, 2020. If seating is full, we will offer a waiting list.