COVID-19 Reminder

Update 6/24/20: Phase 2 of reopening in North Carolina has been extended through July 17. We will continue our current schedule until the directive changes. We are open on Mondays (except 5th Monday) for access to our bookstore and for individual meditation, with maximum capacity of 5 visitors, and specific social distancing and personal protection requirements. Our online and pre-recorded activities will continue on the same schedule. We are also available by appointment for specific individual needs. Visit our News, Classes, and Links pages for more information, and sign up for periodic e-mail updates.

What We Are

The Meditation Center is a spiritually-based learning environment designed to emphasize fulfillment and satisfaction through relaxation, breathing and concentration techniques. These techniques can be used for anything from shedding the stresses of everyday life and living a more peaceful existence, to deepening a connection with the universal spiritual truths that guide us from within.

Our motto is “Find Your Peace.” Only you can determine what your peace is, but through relaxation and spiritual understanding, you can achieve a more fulfilling life, no matter your profession, history or faith background. We operate on the simple philosophy that there is truth found in all traditions, and that no one path is better or more correct than any other, as long as each of us is striving to be a better person, acting out of love and compassion, and living by the Golden Rule.

In addition to classes and lectures on meditation and spirituality, we also offer a selection of books and gifts for purchase, to help you with your progression. We welcome you to visit, for a moment, or for a lifetime, to explore, to learn, and most importantly, to find your peace.

“There is one God and Father of all, who is over all, through all, and in all.” – Ephesians 4:5-6 CEB

What to Expect

IMG_7745AWhile we have fun in our work, we take our mission seriously. We acknowledge everyone’s right to believe what they want, and we encourage everyone to pursue teachings and hobbies that resonate with their interests through appropriate venues. In the same vein, we ask for the same respect in return when you attend our classes.

Our classes are based on a philosophy found in scripture and in our everyday experiences. While we encourage questions on topics that interest our guests at an appropriate time, we ask that our participants arrive for classes with an open heart and mind, expecting to remain focused on the topic at hand, respecting the instructor, and avoiding interrupting classes with off-topic subject matter. Many of our class listings include a “What to Expect” section which will give you an idea about how the class is structured. Some meditations are held in low light, or may require extended periods of sitting, involve musical instruments or sound devices, or other conditions that you may need to be aware of. Whatever the topic, we want you to arrive on time and prepared for a fulfilling experience.

If our classes inspire your interest in other topics that you would like to pursue in a discussion forum, please let us know.


Mark Stein

Mark Stein

Randy Doster

Randy Doster

Our facilitators are Randy Doster and Mark Stein, who are here to help you find your peace. They are both ministers with the United Metaphysical Churches, where they also received certification in Metaphysical Studies and other spiritual disciplines. We are here not only to provide instructional and spiritual guidance through our classes and activities, but also to assist you with other services. Please stop by and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you!


Click here for information about the instructors who serve the Center on a regular basis.

Our Logo

Our logo is a representation of a Lotus, a symbol of spiritual unfoldment. The lotus grows up from the darkness of the mud beneath the water’s surface. As it grows, its stalk reaches toward the light, where it opens up, petal by petal, unfolding into a stunning blossom, just as we unfold on our path of spiritual progression. The Sanskrit mantra, “Om mani padme hum” means literally, “Hail to the jewel in the lotus, Amen.” The Metaphysical interpretation is, “Hail to the truth that exists in the world, Amen.”

The colors of the petals are associated with the energy centers aligned in our bodies, known in eastern culture as “chakras.” The royal purple in the center represents higher spirituality and insight.

More about Metaphysics

Rev. F. Reed Brown, former president of the United Metaphysical Churches, discusses Metaphysical philosophy. It’s not “new age” fluff. It is a deeper understanding of the truth that surrounds us every day.

Click here to further explore the philosophy of Divine Metaphysics (link launches an external website in a new window).

More Information

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for helpful information about participating in our programs.