Weather Update

Weather in the mountains is unpredictable. Check here for updates to our schedule as this weekend’s weather predictions evolve:

Sunday 8:30 pm update

Some snow is in the forecast for tonight, and sporadically into Monday. We are going to play it safe and stay closed on Monday. That will give us plenty of time to get the parking lot cleared for Tuesday. Stay safe!

Current class status


  • CLOSED – Open Meditation: Keep an eye out for us in the parking lot!


  • ON SCHEDULE –  Healing Meditation: There’s a good chance we’ll be open Tuesday evening. Check back Monday for any changes.

Previous updates

Saturday 12:00 pm update

It looks like lots of snow is likely, which will have a big effect on Monday and Tuesday’s status. Stay safe and warm. If we didn’t see you this morning, we’ll catch you on the other side of the storm! We’ll post updates as we get closer to Monday.

Saturday 8:00 am update

The snow forecast has gone up by a few inches for tonight and tomorrow, but it still looks like rain in Sylva most of the day with highs around 40°. We are open today, but of course, use your power of discernment based on where you are coming from and where you have to go to get here. We value your safety as much as you do! Stay safe and warm. If we don’t see you this morning, we’ll catch you on the other side of the storm!

Friday 11:00 pm update

As of 11:00 pm, the forecasts are showing temperatures above freezing tonight, with rain starting in the morning (or late afternoon or early evening, depending on who you ask), before turning to snow Sunday morning. So far, we’re still on for Saturday! We’ll check again in the morning…

Friday 3:00 pm update

Weather reports are still on the fence about Saturday – still looking like mostly rain, but it could easily change. Snow seems a little more definite for Sunday into Monday. We haven’t made any more changes to our schedule just yet, but there are probably some changes coming. Stay tuned!

Friday 9:00 am update

Right now, the weather reports are all over the board, calling for anywhere from mostly rain to a foot of snow over the weekend. The general consensus seems to be rain most of the day Saturday, with greater chances of snow starting Sunday morning. (Sunday class postponed until March 31)